Welcome to my site!

All things autism — Good feelings or bad feelings?  Perhaps mixed feelings?

Your life?  Or the life of someone you know?

Do you live it, sleep it, breathe it?

Or, perhaps you teach it every day?

Whatever your connection is to it, it affects you.  It moves you.  It changes you.  It makes you want to do better, be better, live better.

How does it encapsulate you?

The word “autism” invokes many different feelings.  When I personally think about it, I see my son.  I feel my son and honestly, there are so many feelings.  There is love, hate, frustration, accomplishment, fear, pain, patience and understanding and awe.  These are things that I think about.

My journey is totally different and unique than your journey, but we are all on a journey —  a life journey and it is filled with many stop roads, hills and valleys and they help us learn and discover many things about ourselves that we never even knew existed.

I’m here to share with you and help you on your journey and through this crazy world of autism, we will forever be connected.

Always remember, “A Child with Autism is capable of limitless growth.”