My Book Is Now Available On AMAZON

Finally all the hard work has paid off!!

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You can view and purchase the book using the links below!


The “Lighter Side” explores the truth of what it’s like to be a family living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, where levity sometimes co-exists.

The real-life manuscript depicts our experiences raising a child on the spectrum, including the day-to-day challenges of home life, school life, dealing with our professional network, our relationships, and our friendships.

We explore how it may be that Autism is simply a different way of looking at and experiencing life.  The reader will see that although our experiences certainly are different, and often stressful, it’s still all about finding a way to navigate through difficult experiences that any child might face.

This book reveals how an ASD family and everyone around them are impacted; (sometimes positive…sometimes negative), but proves that sticking together, and thinking way outside the box for school, community, Church, and relationships can lead to success.

This book is about laughing together at some of the crazy stuff that people can’t possibly imagine, and about the moments filled with tears over things most families take for granted.

The entire book encompasses our family’s journey through “Just trying to figure it all out” to find what works best, not only for our child with Autism, but for all of us, and everyone in our Life’s Circle.