Dare to compare


close up photography of white chevrolet camaro

We all compare things. Whether it’s our cars, our clothes, our homes or any of our possessions.

We may not do it consciously, but we do it nevertheless.

I think we also compare our children to some extent.  Whose child got the gold medal?  Who excelled in the school play?  Whose team won the championship?

Who got a great score on the math test?  We see it all the time.  To be honest, what other parents post on social media sometimes makes me feel bad.

When you look at social media, as a parent, you can sure feel that you are not doing enough.  Even food being posted – is that really necessary?  Does anyone else but me find this to be too much?  I just want to eat my food, not take photos of it, unless it is a special celebration.

When your living in the autism world, it still happens.  We all make our own crazy comparisons.  How did your child cope with that?  Who’s talking to your child at school?  What is your child doing well at or what is your child struggling with.  I am truly happy for others, especially when children are making gains.  But I must admit, on occasion, I get discouraged, especially if my child has had a rough day or a rough week.  I truly don’t want to have negative feelings, but sometimes it happens.

I personally choose not to post every private moment or talk about it because sometimes they are just for us – for our family – especially the super-amazing ones!

Our children are all so different.  We need to embrace their successes and be understanding with their challenges and not judge other parents for how they choose to share information.

It is here that I take my own advise so that I can keep celebrating all the life successes of all children!


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