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Never underestimate the role that your family (close and extended) play in your child’s life.  For me, I think I am way too judgemental at times.  I’m controlling and I think things a certain way that it sometimes makes me forget about the good things that my entire family does that are so amazing.

As we go about our day and have our own thoughts we don’t know what others think about our situation or their own.  I think sometimes I can be very selfish.  I think people should be aware and see me and my needs.  But is that realistic?  How can they know unless I communicate?  If something they does bothers me, how can they know if I don’t tell them?

It’s crazy for me to sit back and think that I’m the only one who faces challenges.  Everyone does in some way and do I really pay attention?  If I don’t then I sure need to start.

I had a conversation with my Mom recently.  I love my Mom more than anything.  I know I can count on her for just about anything.  But does she always understand?  No.  Is that ok?  Yes.

My Mom is 78 years old.  I’m grateful she is in good health and active and lives a pretty good life.  We spend lots of time together at the cottage in the summer and she does so much for our family and for me, especially.

We were talking about when kids are young and parents being able to go out for dinner.  After the conversation, I think I was frustrated.  But I’m not sure why.

Well just to let you know, we don’t go out much.  In fact, the last time it was just my husband and I was about two years ago.  Not that we don’t want to but we’ve had some issues with our son.

Our daughter would be ok to be with him.  She is 15 and very responsible but because of her anxiety, we don’t want to ask her.  We have been trying to get a mentor for our son for awhile now but nothing has panned out so far.  So we basically are just home bodies.  This is fine for the most part because this is the way we like it as neither of us is too social but it’s not so great for our relationship.

When I was talking with my Mom it made me realize that I do want to go our more with my husband and all I need to do is ask for help to make this happen.  It’s on me and no one else.

I realize we all have different lives.  Even though my Mom never experienced the things I do, it doesn’t mean one is right and one is wrong.  It’s just different.  I have to realize that especially with family that they are always willing to help.  But if I never make any plans or I never ask then how will they know what I need?

So going forward I realize that unless I make my own needs know then I only have one person to blame and that is me!  And if I need something I need to ask.  It’s really that simple.


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