Stop Talking, Start Listening

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Sometimes I have to force myself to slow down.  I have so much going on in my head that I just want to get it out as fast as possible, it seems.

I have to constantly remind myself not to always talk about “me.”  My autism issues or other issues that I deal with, need to be paused to really pay attention and listen to people and just be in the moment.

I think if we are all honest we realize that we can be selfish at times.  We want things to be about us.  We feel that our issues are the most important and that people should pay attention to us all the time.

Lately, I’ve taken a step back.  I realize that we all have things close to our heart.  Things that make us laugh.  Things that bring us to tears.  But we are all people.  We all deserve the very best.

I have become more aware especially if I am one-on-one with a friend.  I need to pay more attention to them and their lives.  I need to ask them questions perhaps offer advice, but mostly  just to listen and be a friend.

It is important to share connections with others.  Not to judge them.  Just to be with them and enjoy their company.

I have found that since I started doing this I am much happier.  Sometimes I hate talking about the same things over and over again that haven’t changed in my life.  It’s nice to listen to others for a change.

I am learning every day to slow down, be more connected with others and find my true happiness.

I hope you do the same.


1 thought on “Stop Talking, Start Listening”

  1. First of all Shelley I want to tell you I really enjoyed your book. It gave me a whole new perspective on autism. To be honest I guess I could only see the negatives on living with a child that has autism. I give you guys a lot of credit and Magenta as well I know it can’t be easy but you guys are doing a great job that is a full time job. Especially for you Shelley.
    I really enjoyed reading your blog as well.
    Having a cleaning lady with a son of 27 who is also autistic I have got really interested. I want her to read your book as well but she has had a bad experience with outside help which I will share with you at another blog. Hang in there girl your doing a great job.
    Joan Baker.


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