spilled bottle of yellow capsule pills

So we found a doctor to treat our son.  Now what?

Well since I had already done lots or research I had some idea what to expect.

Prior to our first appointment we were given a whole lot of paperwork to complete.  The doctor needed a full history from the time of birth.

The forms we received were very comprehensive, which I liked but it was also emotionally overwhelming.  As I have discovered since being on this journey that you literally have to take each step very slow as there are so many complex issues.

The first appointment we didn’t take our son.  The doctor just wanted to meet with my husband and I.  The bonus of our doctor is that he only 20 minutes from our home.

On the initial visit we went through all the paperwork and had some discussions.  He had a pyramid of how things would work and what would be targeted first.  The first thing that needed to be addressed was the diet.  He had to be gluten free and dairy free and sugar free.  He was already dairy free but now we had a lot of changes to make to get him gluten free which was going to be challenging.  That was our first goal before our next appointment.  He explained that all kids on the spectrum did better without gluten whether they had an allergy or not.

So we began……

It wasn’t easy as we were already dealing with a picky eater, but over the course of a few weeks we managed to make these changes.

It continues…….

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