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True Happiness…what does it mean to you?

It could be family, friends, health, vacations, activities…the list could go on and on and it will be different for every person.

Since autism lives in our home, the way we perceive happiness could be far different than others.

Happiness for us can be peace. The quiet noise of nothing in particular going on is music to my ears. I love total and complete silence. There have been so many times when chaos has existed that I just relish in the quiet of nothingness.

For me happiness can also be found when my children are happy. When one of them shows joy or excitement for something, it truly can make my day!

It can  also be status quo – nothing new has happened but that means nothing bad has happened.

It also means being with the people who mean the most to you no matter what is going on.

With autism, happiness is when my son and I share a special moment together or when he touches me to offer comfort. For these moments, I am truly grateful.

At this time of year, when we are always rushing around more than usual, just slowing down to be happy is a gift that you just can’t buy!

Be happy today!


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