Schools done – now what?

painting and drawing tools set

So school in our house is officially over today! Yeah!

We had our last class meeting this am with all the teachers and educational assistants and it was really nice to see them after all this time of distance learning. You see our son just finished his first year of high school and there are many people involved in his education. Not only does he take 4 different courses, but he also has different EA’s that help him and a few other people with classwork.

It’s definitely been a challenging time for everyone involved.  The teacher’s, the parents,the support staff at school – all of them. I think everyone did their very best to adapt to the current situation and I would say for us, it’s been successful!

I always push our son to reach his maximum potential and I probably push way harder than any teacher because I know what his is capable of doing. So I am sure that he would much rather be in school than at home learning from me. But we have both learned a lot through this process.

We’ve had some bad moments of course, like anybody else. We’ve had days where little work was accomplished and days where lots got done.

I think what I enjoyed most about this experience was the connection that we made through learning. I actually enjoyed learning some of the materials as it took me back to my school days.

One thing that we both improved upon throughout the course of the few months was video taking. Every week we would get the lessons and then I would try to figure out the experiment or the material of how we could actually make it fun! Then we would do a video once a week where our son was able to demonstrate the knowledge that he learned through practical application.

At first, I wasn’t so great at doing the I-Movies, but as the weeks went on, I learned more and more about this and was able to make the videos more exciting! I still have a few things to learn about this medium, but I am pretty happy with some of the results that we achieved together and so were all of our son’s teachers! It also gives them a glimpse into his life that they may not have otherwise known, if they had not been able to see this.

Our daughter did her very best during this semester as well. She had many challenges  mentally and this made some of the tasks extremely difficult for her, but she got through it and she will be getting all of her credits so that is very important to her. She is capable beyond her years of so much, but there are always many roadblocks in her way. I am very proud of everything that she had to juggle to achieve her results.

I have never been a parent that talks about how high your marks have to be or ask why didn’t you get that particular mark because I believe that both our children put in hard work and they work to the best of their given ability and that’s all I can really ask for.

Onto summer now! Looking forward to doing some fun activities and spending lots of time outdoors!


5 thoughts on “Schools done – now what?”

  1. I’m not going to lie, I am pretty excited school is finally out haha. My son refused to participate in zoom meetings with his teacher (he is on the spectrum) and he did pretty good online, but I think the teachers just expected it to go differently. I knew it wouldn’t, but as long as he was doing his homework, I didn’t push him on the zoom meetings and we still ended the year on a positive note!


    1. If you’re willing and have the time, time probably the most precious asset, you could construct learning in the home far better than most out there. As a teacher, I was constantly creative, using the students’ own interests to drive projects. Online sources are available en masse.


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