Biomedical – the journey continues…..

faceless doctor preparing medicine in laboratory

So we have been on our journey in the biomedical world for awhile now. We have seen so many gains and so much progress over the last 3 years. We are truly amazed at some of the results that we have seen.

We are currently completing (or should I say, our son) is a three month chelation treatment course. To my pleasant surprise, it has been going pretty well. Our son sits for the IV’s and has been really quite patient and handled the treatments very well at the doctor.

The biggest issue with this treatment is not “treatment day”, but the days that follow after. The chelation itself is quite taxing on your body. For our son, it usually means weight loss, cramping and irritability at some point days after the treatment. The treatments are schedule two weeks apart to give your body time to move the metals out of your body.

In a nutshell, our son has toxic levels of certain chemicals in his body. The chelation agent will activate these damaging toxins and move them out of your body via your skin (like sweating) and out through your urine etc. Hence, the cramping and irritability and mood swings. It also explains the lack of appetite.

So we we just finished our last one and now we are ready to do the “challenge test” to see how the treatment worked. At the beginning you do a challenge test to see where the levels of toxins are such as mercury, lead etc. At the end, you do this as well to see if the levels are have been reduced (which hopefully they have in some areas).

This is just one part of the biomedical treatment but for our son an important one since many toxins were showing up on the first report that were negatively affecting his health. This affects focus and brain health as well.

So I’m looking forward to the results of this one for sure.

I’m excited at all the progress so far, but I also get frustrated sometimes at all the things our son has to do just to have optimal health.

Looking forward to what comes next for us!


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