Back to school

teacher asking a question to the class

Well, we are now almost at the end of September. Boy, it’s sure hard to get back into the swing of things and into a new routine.

Our son is back in school full days now, which is great, but also a difficult adjustment after being at school half time last year and on-line half time. Our daughter has just started university and so far for the month of September anyway, she has been totally on-line.

The wake-up times, the bathroom times, the lunches – all of that has changed this year and I must admit I’ve had a hard time adjusting to things.

On a positive note, I feel that it is very helpful for teens and kids to be back in school. I feel that a lot was missed just by not being able to be around others. The isolation was tough for all of us.

This year has started off different as now our son is staying for lunch at school whereas last year, he was only going in the morning and coming home for lunch. They still don’t have lockers and right now they are still on a quadmester thing as they call it, but at least they are in the building.

What has been difficult for our son is that with the quadmester happening, he is only taking 2 classes. So he starts his day off at 10 am and ends at 4 pm. One class is 2.5 hours and the other one is 2 hours and 45 minutes. These are extremely long classes! They have to take mask breaks and sometimes just breaks in general because of the length of the course each day. I feel for him and for the teachers for that matter having to put in that much time for one class. He likes his subjects which is great and he has an amazing EA which I am so grateful for.

Our daughter is trying to manage everything on-line right now and this has been a big adjustment. Because she is going to school in Toronto, she is still living at home. I feel for her as well as right now she is not really getting the university experience, but she is doing a great job at getting tasks completed and seems to like her classes.

Great to be back into it and I sure hope that things stay more normal for awhile, whatever that is?


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