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Don’t you feel that you are always rushing around!! Well, I sure do!

I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. We are always focusing on the next thing that needs to be done or the next place that we have to go or the next thing we need to buy.

It’s crazy sometimes! Do you feel it? I know when I am crazy-busy, it affects both of our children and this is not always positive.

This morning Jake was taking sooooo long to get ready for school. He had ample time to get ready, eat breakfast and take his pills. But at the last minute he is trying to get all of his pills down, his breakfast is still on the table and now we are going to be late. Ugh

Anyway, I’m making comments, sighing, getting frustrated with him and then I look over at him and realize that his day is not starting off well with all of my comments to him.

We rush to the car, I am still steaming mad – I have Jake’s breakfast and his pills in my hand and off we go to school. By the time we got to school, I had calmed down and so did he as well as managing to eat his breakfast in the car.

That is just one example of of how rushing can just make or break a day.

At this time of year, it is hard not to rush around, but it is important to realize that our actions affect those around us so we need to be aware at what we are saying and how we are acting.

Teens or kids with autism, in my experience, are sometimes on their own time clock and they don’t necessarily conform with the norms so sometimes things don’t go as we expect. For parents of these people, we have to try to be calm, which in cases like this is hard to do!

Until next time……….


1 thought on “Rushing!!”

  1. It took us a long time to learn this with our autistic son around the holidays. We were used to rushing around to meet everyone else’s expectations of how Christmas and Thanksgiving should be celebrated and then we ended up with a very upset little boy.
    But over the years we have learned how to enjoy the holidays, and to us that means taking it at our kid’s pace.
    We don’t stack up get togethers anymore and we’ve learned how to gracefully refuse to be bullied into other people’s holidays chaos.
    It’s been nice learning who really does care about our family for who we are and not for family sake.

    I hope the holidays slow down for you too! And don’t get me wrong, as the mom I’m still stressing more then I should, but my kids don’t know it 😉🤪


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