Biomedical – an ongoing journey

So if you have been reading my blogs for awhile, you will know that we have done a tremendous amount of work on the biomedical side. As I have stated before, my belief is that autism is not a psychological disorder as mostly perceived by the world. There are many facets to the physical component and these must not be ignored. If you feel better, you can learn more. If you have pain or allergies or other things that inhibit you from going about your day, it’s no wonder that many people on the spectrum have what is just perceived as a behavioral issue.

I am not here to tell anyone that they are doing something wrong, that is not my purpose. I can only share what I have learned along our journey and hope that it opens up doors of communication that people may want to consider having with their health care professional.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that biomedical treatments have changed our lives for the better. I am so grateful to our functional medicine doctor for his continued insight and guidance along the way as well as dealing with me and my many questions and concerns.

Right now, we are in a pretty good place of maintenance. However, our son cycles through constant candida (yeast) flare ups. We don’t know why this happens, but it seems like environmental and at certain times of the year this worsens. Right now he is on an intensive protocol of getting rid of this through some antibiotic and some other supplements. He has had a lot of stomach pain and cramps as well as irritability the last 2 weeks from taking these medications. It’s sometimes frustrating and hard to watch him manage his symptoms, but knowing that in the end he will feel better is the consolation.

We have seen so many life-changing gains along the way that even though right now is a bit of a rough patch, we will power through and continue on.

I am grateful for our doctor as well as for all of the support from our family on continuing our journey to wellness!


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