Vision therapy

So we started vision therapy about 3 weeks ago. You may ask why? What is vision therapy? These are questions that I asked as well before I knew anything about it.

I discovered that there was some vision issues with our son through another therapy that we are currently doing. I had filled in some forms that the lady that I was dealing with had asked me if we had ever had our son’s eyes checked. I advised her that we had but I also discovered that by doing this, it was not enough.

Apparently our son as a visual motor deficiency in eye teaming and eye tracking. His official diagnosis is Oculomotor Dysfunction, Accommodative Insufficiency and Exotropia. I know it sounds long right?

Anyway, he needs what they call vision therapy to retrain his eyes. I honestly had never heard of this before, but I am truly finding this very fascinating as we progress with the therapy.

Unfortunately these lessons are expensive and of course, not covered by our health plan. My husband says I always find things that we have to spend money on, but honestly, that’s not true. I find and research things that will benefit health and to me that is the most important thing in the world.

Some of the things that I have learned in the past few weeks is that our son doesn’t have the visual perception to always see where a ball is. So for example, he does some exercises, where he has this long stick where he has to make contact with this ball. This could be why in some of these sports he was not able to participate successfully because of his perception.

Another thing that he has done in therapy is touching this big board with these special glasses on while points light up and then he keeps going and the therapist switches the glasses and he does this with both hands (one at a time).

He also has to read different eye charts touching different colors with one hand then with both hands.

I still don’t know what the “end” goal is but I am hopeful that we will see some good progress once these lessons are completed.

It’s really quite amazing the way our brain works!


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