It’s funny how we can get so caught up in today that things from the past can easily slip our mind. We can get so comfortable in the present and where we forget about how far we have come.

At times when I think about the current struggles that our family faces, I get so caught up in the moment as I’m trying to figure out how to navigate the daily moments that I forget about yesterday and how far we have come.

Sometimes it can be the simpliest things, like just being able to not have to worry if our kids were alone in the cottage or the house and what they might be doing and having to have them in our sight all of the time. With autism, there is always a safety concern and in both of our children it manifests in different ways. In the last little while though, we have been able to feel more confident that even if something goes wrong, they will be able to figure out a solution.

It’s amazing that at one point when we used to leave our cottage we would have to give ourselves an extra hour because our son would be so upset over the fact that he had to go (because he loves it so much) that he would cry and get upset and refuse to get into the car. We had to have a promise of something fun to do when we got home just to appease him. This actually went on for quite a long time and was very exhausting. We even had to have a calendar to show him exactly when he would be coming back up.

This was many years ago now and as I think back I realize how far we have come! I am so grateful for the growth we have experienced.

There were times when I thought our son would never sit still, he was everywhere getting into everything and he didn’t stop! Now if you see how calm he is and able to sit for long lectures at school. He has completely grown so much in this area.

For our daughter as well, the small changes and improvements that I have seen, make me believe that anything is possible if you just give it enough time anything is possible.

Remembering where we were and how far we come is so crucial so that we don’t get caught up too much in the challenges of today as we know that these soon will be lost in tomorrow.


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