This is my very first blog post!!!

DMSA – ever heard of it?

Even if you are in the autism world, you may or may not have depending on where you’re at in your journey.

For anyone who knows about it, it may bring either a smile or a frown to your face.  I don’t know yet how it is for me because I’m new to this.

We recently found out that our son has very high levels of lead in his body and we started him on DMSA which in layman’s terms is  an oral drug used for chelate – in other words –  to remove the lead from his body that could be causing various health issues.

Our protocol is 3 days on the drug (3 times a day) and 11 days off for a three-month period.  We are on day 2 and I’m stressed.  I’m suspiciously looking for any side effects to his body.  I don’t really know what to expect because each child is so different.  The doctor cannot promise any outcomes because he just doesn’t know what the result could be.  In my mind, it could work and besides some side effects which he will recover from, there is very little to lose.  Except my sanity of course, but that goes along with having a child on the spectrum anyway.

As I sit here writing this, I just realized that I did not explain to my son exactly what we are doing.  Of course, its just another pill, and sometimes too much information is just that — too much.  Note to self to talk to him later today in terms he will understand.

I have to be honest I’ve had some bad experiences with giving our son drugs in the past which is probably why I get so anxious about them.

I just wait now.  And wait and cross my fingers and hold my breath and hope all the bad stuff leaves his body as that is the whole point of this process.

Tune in for more soon!


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