DMSA-Day 2 and 3

Well it was a successful first treatment!  But not without issues.

Day 1 and Day 2 were basically uneventful.  But the night of Day 2 was a little stressful.

There was little sleep for a long time.  Not sure why as that wasn’t supposed to be a side-effect.  There was a lot of frustration for our son.

First, he was trying to relax by watching a show.  Next, he was upset about earthquakes — visibly shaking upset, hiding under his covers.  Then he wanted Dad, then Mom, then both Mom and Dad to be with him in bed.

One good thing was that during all this “commotion” there was lots of language!

Finally, he went to sleep.  It was late. After 2 am.  Once he was sleeping, it was calm.  He did not want to get up for school the next day, so we let him stay home and he rested more.  Once he got up, he felt much better, but was quiet most of Day 3 — very unusual for him.

From our perspective as parents, it was an overall success.  No serious side effects, just some behaviour and a few cramps as well as extreme tiredness.  Probably lots of internal stuff trying to move its way out of his body (aka poop!)

Until next time……….


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