DMSA – 2nd time around!

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Well, it’s now 11 days later, time for a second treatment.

I can honestly say it’s not been quite as stressful as the first time because I didn’t see anything super-concerning the first time around so I just trust this time will be the same or better.

We have seen some noticeable differences which keep us hopeful for more (yes we are greedy – we want more!)

We’ve seen improvements in focus, attention span and ability to deal with changes.  These are not huge by any means, but enough to be aware of which is a win in my book!

Still, I silently say a prayer because I really don’t know. I try not to panic.

The tiredness is obvious as well as the stomach discomfort.  My heart aches for putting our son through this, but I know it could make a difference in the bigger picture.  This is the part I hate about being a parent.  Making a decision that may cause some physical discomfort or even pain.  I ask myself again (!!)  Are you being a good Mom?

I have to answer myself and say that yes I am.  I say it over and over again in my head so that I can convince myself.

I doubt it, but nonetheless, I keep on going.  I distract myself so I don’t have to think about it.  But every time I have to dispense a pill, I feel a pain in my chest.  I don’t tell anyone though because I have to at least pretend I’m fine with everything.

Last pill was with dinner so hopefully tomorrow all will be a little better.  And hopefully some of the metals will leave my son’s body which would be better than winning any lottery.

I will now breathe and cautiously relax for the next 11 days…….

til then…


1 thought on “DMSA – 2nd time around!”

  1. No question, Shelly, you are a great Mom and you will see the proof of it eventually in Jake’s life.



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