woman playing soccer ball on grass


One of the biggest concerns with autism is making connections with others.

This is also true for our son as it is for every child who has autism.  It can look different for all kids, but nonetheless it exists.

Let me tell you where there are no boundaries.  Our son has one really close friend.  His best friend, in fact.

They have such a great relationship.  They are so close.

It’s been fun to watch their relationship evolve.  His friend is the best!  He is so kind, patient and understanding.  He treats our son like everyone else. They teach each other different things.

His friend is a great basketball player and is teaching our son so many basketball skills.  He has patience and our son is learning so much about basketball from him.

Our son has taught him things too.  For example, our son is fearless and loves to climb tress.  He taught his friend how to do this.

When they jump on the trampoline together, they have so much fun!  Sometimes they just chill out on the couch.  They don’t have to have big conversations to be close.  You can see how close they are just by observing them.

Tonight I watched them build birdhouses together.  The way they helped each other was fascinating to watch.  They took turns hammering in the nails on their own bird house.  So cool!!!

Relationships can be so simple.  Just hanging out with no pressure and doing fun things together.

In my opinion, when you make a special connection such as this one, your life is so enriched.  I am so happy our son has this special relationship in his life.  He has grown so much as a person because of this and it makes my heart so happy!



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