School Meetings


black and white board boardroom business

I have to tell you that I’m never happy after I leave one of these.

I have to ask myself why?  Is it because the people don’t say anything nice about my child?  Is it because they don’t understand my child?  Is it because I feel like they truly don’t know my child’s capabilities and talents?

Do these people like kids or are they just in positions of power for some other reason?

I don’t know they answers to these questions and they are probably different for each person who is involved in a school meeting.

I’m pretty good at reading people most of the time.  I can tell that many people who attend these meetings do not understand autism, never mind how to teach a child with autism, how to relate to a child with autism and to truly see beyond the diagnosis to the individual.  And quite frankly, that’s not acceptable to me.

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”
– Ignacio Estrada

I think the above quote says it all.

My son is a child.  Yes, he has a diagnosis of autism, but first he is a person.  His autism doesn’t define him.

When I’m with him, he makes me laugh so hard sometimes.  He frustrates me like crazy sometimes too.  But we are connected.  When I look into his eyes, I see love and he makes me feel loved every single day.  There are no games.  Whomever said kids with autism don’t have or show love has never my son and many other children who are on the spectrum.  In my opinion, some of these individuals are more loving and compassionate then their typical peers.

I think if we are going to label kids with autism, we should label ourselves first.  I don’t know about you, but I’m anything but typical.  Just ask my husband!

How would you feel if you were only known for your label and not your abilities?




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