beautiful bloom blooming blossom

My mind goes to seasons now as we are just beginning Spring, which is the promise of something new, fresh, crisp –  new life outside. All of these things come to my mind.

For me, I think of my family, especially my children. I think about things they have to look forward to and how they may handle them. Our son is not only moving into a new season, but also a new season in his life. This season is big for him. It’s his last year of middle school. A new transition and chapter will begin for high school. Lots of changes, but also lots of opportunity for growth.

Previously I would have been dreading and scared of what’s about to come, but he’s shown me he has such a maturity about things lately. He will be okay. In fact, I think he will thrive. He’s adjusted so well with so many changes over the past few months and he’s proved that he is able to handle so much more than I ever imagined.

We move forward with this season of our life with gratitude. Gratitude for all the accomplishments made. Gratitude for all the fun we have together every day. Gratitude for all the people we have met along our journey thus far that we now call our friends. And gratitude for hard work that has paid off in so many ways, school being one of these things.

Our son surprises me every day in the little aspects of his life. But I think the thing I am most grateful for in this season is when he says “I love you Mom” and smiles. That’s all I need to hear in any season and it makes every day so much better!


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