Quiet Time

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Quiet time I have come to realize is very important. This could mean different things for different people. For me, it sometimes just a few minutes in a day where there is no TV on, no dog barking and no one asking me a question. Just stillness. It doesn’t happen too often.

For others, it may be a vacation – time away from the busyness of your life.

For our son, it’s usually time away from everyone. Sometimes it’s quiet play. Other times, it’s just laying on his bed and many times it’s getting under the covers with a mound of pillows on top of him watching a show on YouTube.

I have come to realize that he needs these moments. Often I’m in fast mode thinking of the next thing he should be doing – like homework or making his bed. But lately I’ve stopped myself. When I look at him, I realize that he needs these times to stop and re-group and just be the way that it makes sense for him.

Imagine someone always trying to schedule your down time, your “me time.” It would be frustrating and exhausting.

I’ve realized that our son needs these times to re-group or just be so that he can forget about some of the things that may have been stressful or difficult in his day. I’ve noticed after he has had these times that he is more relaxed and willing to interact. He needs to have this as part of his daily routine.

Lately, I have really started to pay more attention to both my kids and listen to their needs and concerns, more than I have in the past. This has helped me to have a better understanding and connection with both of them and it has taken a lot of stress out of the equation.

A lesson learned for me!


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