New Beginnings

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We have a lot of new beginnings happening in our house. It’s the beginning of summer — my favorite season! I love it and it is extra special for our family as we have had a very tough year.

This is also the start of a new school chapter for our son as he will be going to high school soon. It’s kind of exciting – new chapter, new beginning and new possibilities. I love to think in these terms of what is to come and I also choose to be grateful for what has happened.

The other day we were at our son’s graduation and I thought I would be emotional (which I usually am) but I wasn’t. As I looked around, I realized all of the people that had contributed to this very moment in his life. If he did not have autism, I would not have met so many amazing people who I now consider friends. I had true joy in my heart and I was so proud of him, not for the marks that he had received, not for the struggles that he had experienced, not for the times when others didn’t understand him, but for the people that came into his life, walked along side him, helped him learn, befriended him and accepted him.

That is truly amazing! Definitely not part of an ending, but part of a new beginning!

To all those people who touched our lives, we will be forever grateful and think back on these times with great joy and happiness.

As for the next chapter? I am so excited and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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