Biomedical – journey continues

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Periodically, I will share information about my personal journey with biomedical treatments.

We have been on this journey for almost two years now. It seems like a long time, but also a short time.

The other day, we took our son to see his functional medicine doctor. We were there to do our three-month check on his yeast levels, leaky gut and his cellular health.

He told us that our son was doing amazing! All was in check and was good! This is so great to hear especially when you are working tirelessly to make sure every day things don’t fall through the cracks

We are still working on his diet. We are doing an awesome elimination diet where he doesn’t eat gluten, dairy, soy, corn or sugar. The elimination part is great, but the variety of foods is still limited. So we continue to work. We keep working harder and harder every day. This can be difficult, I believe, the older your child is as they have established habits over the years that take longer to break or replace with good ones.

I keep trying to find small ways to introduce new healthy options and also trying not to get stressed in the process. I think changing to healthy options is difficult so I do my best to find small ways and make small changes.

Now that we are at this point in healing, we are going to soon look at his thyroid function and adrenal support. There is a systematic pyramid of steps that you need to follow when you start the path to healing the body. First is the gut. Second is finding out what nutrients are deficient and replacing these in the body with supplementation. Then comes thyroid and adrenal. It’s exciting to be at the next step, even after two years!

Heavy metals are in there as well, especially after you have healed the gut. This one is difficult and can be ongoing for a very long time. We still work on this amidst all the other things we are doing. We had previously discovered extremely high lead levels and we are dealing with trying to lower them. We do a test every six months to check them. Right now we are in the process of re-checking these again.

There are always many moving parts to healing. I have found that the key is to take one step at a time and not to get stressed about one thing in particular. For each child, things will be different as the puzzle pieces (as I see it) fit together differently. The key is to go systematically through the process and give your child time to adjust to each new change.

Til next time…


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