How do our brains work?

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I’ve been thinking over the last few weeks how our brains work. In particular, how my brain works. Honestly, I never gave it much thought before. In the last few months; however, through my personal experience, I have had some challenges that have made me more aware of things and have changed my perspective on how I view my son.

I have experienced some trauma and this has altered the course of my thinking.

What I became aware of was not being able to “think” at all. I was not able to think clearly and I had a huge sense of brain fog.

I couldn’t remember anything – where I kept things, what I said to people, what pills I had taken or not taken, what I ate, none of it. I was totally lost.

I say these things so that I can relate them back to my son. I wonder if he has these feelings? I wonder if sometimes he can’t remember or sometimes things are simply just too much for his brain to handle?

Do his actions reflect what is going on in his head?

I know he gets overwhelmed at times. But what else happens? His brain is definitely wired differently and it makes me wonder what is really going on. This has brought on my curiosity and desire to look deeper.

So I’ve been watching and thinking. As my fogginess has slowly subsided what can my body do now? For me, it’s been a slow climb back to movement. When I look at my son and knowing that his body has healed in certain ways, how does that change the way he feels? His actions? His movements?

I don’t have all the answers, I just have some simple observations.

With more space freed up in his brain, he is now able to focus on other things. Now, when he is open, he is really open to engagement in different activities and playing and just doing more. For me, this is amazing to watch!

But I also see when things are not going well. When he has a headache or something difficult has happened, how does he react?

At these times, I see withdrawal, protection of his “me space.” The need to be alone and just ‘be’. These are some of the observations that I have made.

This is why I love my son’s NeuroMovement lessons. When he has his lessons, I feel he is better able to make the connections from his brain to his body and to be able to achieve more awareness of his movements and relate this information to how he feels and the way his body needs to move when he has certain feelings.

It balances the brain and body together so that they are working as a whole instead of two separate entities.

I think we all face challenges when our brain doesn’t feel good and each person does things in those moments that make sense for them. There is no right or wrong.

I find this fascinating to think about and I look forward to discovering more about this as time goes on.

2 thoughts on “How do our brains work?”

  1. Your amazing you know. Just love reading your blogs. They are so well thought out and articulated. Jake is soooooo lucky to have a great mom like you. You continue to amaze me. Xo

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