people walking on street

Do you ever think about how noisy it is?

If you live in the city you simply cannot escape the noise, the hustle and bustle everywhere and the general vibe that you need to “get something done” now or that you are already ten steps behind.

We all know that this happens but I never really gave it too much thought until I was actually “outside all of the noise.”

When we are up at our cottage, it is very quiet in the morning. My first instinct is to get on my phone and see what’s going on in the “real world.” But lately, I’ve just sat still and listened and looked around at nature and it has made me appreciate the “stillness.”

I also notice many changes in my son when he switches environments. The cottage is a “fun” place, a “peaceful” place, “a place that is different,” “a place that is quiet” with no expectations and a place that renews his strength and sense of self.

Sometimes we do things together and sometimes we do things separately, but it is the lack of noise that makes it so special. There is not a lot of outside stimulation so it allows us time to just be either together or alone with our thoughts.

When you have nothing to do or nowhere to go is that a bad thing? In my opinion, no. I believe that it is a time that is needed to allow us to “slow down” and to “re-group.”

Without all of the other “stuff”, we can finally think about ourselves and we can do activities or “not” do activities. We can eat when we want and we have no schedule of when we need to sleep or arise.

I believe for us that having less noise allows us to have more growth and gives us a much needed break.

How often do you look at how big the trees are or how the clouds look in the sky? How often do you watch the waves roll in or stare at the sun? How often do you just sit and do nothing at all?

We are all so used to “multi-tasking” that we forget what it’s like when we don’t have to. The other day, I decided to put it to the test. My son and I were driving in the car and normally we like the music loud (at least I do!) and we sing along and dance. I know the thought of this may be horrific for you to imagine!

First I had the music on loud and I looked over at my son to see what his reaction was. He was just kind of sitting there looking out the window. Then I turned it down low and I looked over to see what he was doing. He was still looking out the window, but his body appeared to be more relaxed. Next I turned it off. I looked over at him and he was totally calm. We were driving on a county road which in itself was relaxing.

We were actually able to converse about things we noticed outside. It was peaceful and nice.

Removing noise is not always an option in our daily lives, especially if you live in the city. But next time you have a chance to be still and be quiet, give it a try. You may like the way it makes you feel!

Now if I could only get my daughter to take off her headphones when I am driving and talk to me!


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