asphalt dark dawn endless

We always talk about nature in some respect. You hear comments all the time about how nice it is today or how people want summer to come or the rain to stop.

Living in Canada you can really appreciate nature throughout the different seasons and the changes that happen. We can see leaves change colour in the Fall and we can go tobogganing in the winter and enjoy a nice walk on a summer day.

This summer I really started to pay attention to how nature affected our son. He always enjoys being outside doing various activities, but I really noticed how ‘in tune’ with nature he appeared to be.

I observed a calmness, connections, happiness and peacefulness.

Even though we like to do activities that are noisy and busy, it was in those moments of slowness and quietness and I truly saw his connection to nature and his surroundings. I was in awe!

We both really enjoy going on swings and sometimes when we are swinging side-by-side and laughing about who is going higher, it’s the freedom we are experiencing and the joy of being able to be outside with the sun on our faces.

It seems the more time we spend in nature, the better the both of us feel.

Now that we are back into the busy season of school, I will miss those long days of being outside. But closing my eyes always helps me remember and smile.


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