Biomedical – Back and forth

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Our biomedical journey continues. It’s unique to us as all people on the spectrum have such different needs.

I was really excited in July. It seemed like medically things were finally coming together for our son and true healing was taking place in his body. The lead that was in his system was gone after almost a year of being on a heavy medication which had been hard on his body at times. He was happy and I had actually found some other foods he could eat. By the way, if I didn’t mention it, he’s a really picky eater!

Fast forward to September. We had just gone for our latest doctor’s visit. Our son struggles with ongoing yeast issues that have to be handled by certain medications. He gets his blood test and his cells look terrible. The yeast is flaring very badly and I could see on the screen how much of it was back in his system. Now his gut lining was damaged again. This was something that we had worked really hard to avoid.

Luckily our doctor prescribed a protocol that he thought would be able to repair things. Unfortunately, it is very hard on his body and it can give him a lot of stomach pain as well as a decreased appetite.

During the summer, I had been making muffins (to add more fruit to his diet and he doesn’t like the texture of most fruits in their raw state.) But I was informed by the doctor that even though what I was making him was gluten/dairy/soy/corn/processed sugar free that this type of thing was still considered “processed” and could be what is causing his current flair up.

Back to square one for me as I go about my kitchen trying to make a flour less, non-processed, non-dairy, sugar-free, corn-free, soy-free cookie or muffin. Sound yummy? We will see.

Our journey continues…


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