What children teach us

alphabet class conceptual cube

I am a person who loves to learn, no matter what. The more I learn, the better I feel.

I love when learning is carefree and something that I don’t need to think about. I love learning from different people as I feel that we can always learn from each other even if our life circumstances are vastly different.

This week I have had the opportunity to learn from some pretty cool kids. These were kids with all different abilities and backgrounds. I love seeing how excited kids get and how each one of them is creative in their own special way. Our church hosted a day camp due to some of the school strikes in our area and I had the privilege of helping out.

I love watching kids and seeing how their mind words and why they do or don’t do certain things. I love seeing what makes them smile and also what makes them sad. It’s like a little mirror into their world. Each world is different and unique no matter who you are and the challenges that you face. I realize that our worlds constantly overlap every day. Although like me, you may be dealing with more “autism” things or you may be dealing with other issues altogether.

I always learn from adults as well. Some are close friends and others just casual acquaintances, but everyone has a different life story and there is always something to learn from interacting with another person.

Sometimes my life is so one-sided, so immersed in “our stuff” and I guess that’s how it is for most people.

If your life is similar to mine because you deal with “autism” things on a daily basis, try to see what is new with your child today. Take a few minutes, be in the moment and just watch and listen.

If your life circumstances are different, try to pay attention to the people you talk to today, listen, ask questions and discover something new.

I feel like that when we do this, we will not only grow as people but we also grow closer to people and feel more connected and appreciated in this world.




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