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Normally when our children are ill, it’s not a pleasant time.

There is crankiness, more laundry, more things to do in the house and generally everyone is just feeling down, no matter who it is who is ill.

Well, let me tell you, the other day, our son had a fever and threw up. Was I upset? Nope, not even close. Was I happy? You bet! Now, you are probably thinking right now that I am crazy (well, that may be true) but finally, after many long years, our son’s immune system was starting to have a “normal” response. This is truly exciting!

You see, most people get sick, they have a fever, they throw up – all of that. We usually complain as parents and try to get through it.

Our son has not had a fever or vomited in many years. He gets colds and headaches and sometimes body aches but never a fever or sickness. This means that his immune system has not been working properly. He has not had a proper reaction to illness the way most people do.

We have been working on so many physical things with our son in the past 2.5 years with gut, nutrition, heavy metal toxicity etc that I am happy to say that his system is finally doing what it is supposed to do.

He had been sick for few days and he woke up and decided he wanted to try to go back to school so I dropped him off. It wasn’t even half an hour when I got a call saying he threw up. I told the teacher that I would be right over but inwardly I was smiling as I got so elated that things were finally working in his body! Don’t get me wrong, I was not happy he was not feeling well and that he got sick at school, but I was thrilled that his immune response was normal.

You see many times with children on the spectrum, internal body things do not work properly. It is a big puzzle that is spread out all over the floor and the pieces have to be fitted together to solve it and sometimes the pieces don’t fit so you have to take them out and move them around somewhere else to keep trying to complete the parts.

Our puzzle is unique to our child and your puzzle will be unique to your child. We may do the same things, but get different results and that’s okay. As long as we are moving forward to achieve healing, that’s all that matters for any child.

So the next time your child is sick, deal with the sickness, but be happy that the body is working. Always try to look at the other side and perhaps you will be able to put two more pieces of your puzzle together which will lead to continued healing!


4 thoughts on “Sickness”

  1. A few years ago, our son with autism told us his ear hurt. He had never told us of any pain. We took him to the doctor, he had an ear infection and I celebrated. The nurse looked at me like I was nuts. I was just so happy my son was able to help me figure it out!

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