The Beach


As I sit here at the beach today I feel peace. I also love to watch my son in the water.  There is something about it that transforms him to a different place, a peaceful tranquil place, a place with no judgement or worries.

I love to watch and observe him when I get the change.  I try to figure out what moves him, what makes him happy, how he perceives the world.

As I watch him in the waves all I see is total contentment, smiling and laughing as the waves roll by. It’s so amazing to me that this totally relaxes and calms him.  He is in the zone when he is At the beach or in any type of water.  He could literally stay here for hours.

I wonder how I can transfer this feeling and contentment to his every day life?  I don’t know but wouldn’t it be amazing if I could?

The summer even though it’s different this year is just a time to take it easy, to bond to take advantage of the weather and the connections that we share.

I love the summer. It is my favourite season. I look forward to more happy times this year!





1 thought on “The Beach”

  1. Shelly I can certainly relate to Jake regarding the water. Just watching it from a beach chair gives me peace I just love being around water. Would like summer to last eight months then two months of spring and fall. I too just love summer. Just seeing Jake in the water was a pleasure.


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