These days………

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These days are busy, crazy, filled with emotion, sadness, happiness and uncertainty.

We have two children (teens now) on the spectrum now and the both present their own unique set of challenges, especially during this time.

Our daughter is in Grade 12 but she only goes into the actual school once every 4 days because she has a spare with one other class during this quad. Our son has 2 courses and goes into his school Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some Fridays. They are both on-line every afternoon as well.

I feel like I’m a parent, a teacher, an advocate, a chef, a housekeeper – all of it. But it’s okay because all anyone can do in these times it to take it literally one day at a time and enjoy the moments that being at home offers all of us.

I have daily moments of gratitude for the good things that my children do and I try to focus on that. No one knows where this pandemic will take us. Will the schools eventually close? Will they learn the course material? How will they mental health continue to be? I cannot see the future. We can only live in the now.

Honestly 3 years ago I never would have predicted that our son would be able to adjust to so many transitions and differences in his schedule that is happening now. One day on, one off and online at different times.

It’s so amazing to me how far he has come and honestly I don’t know how or when this happened, it just kind of evolved over time.

It’s like for one whole year I had to tell him to close the door of the bathroom ten times a day. I had signs on the inside in bold saying please shut the door and miraculously one day he just got it. Sounds silly? To some, but not to those of you who live with someone on the spectrum.

No matter what challenges this pandemic presents to you, just live in today and be strong and find those peaceful moments, even if it’s just a brief moment.

Until next time…………..


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