What do they do?

shallow focus photography of school of fish

I know that I can’t be the only one to wonder this, but what do they do? At school? In other environments? When they are alone?

Sometimes, it can be and feel incredibly hard for me to get information out of my son. I know this isn’t necessarily because of autism, but this definitely contributes to this questions for me.

I know what he takes in school, the courses, I see the work that he does, especially now with covid, many times I am actually there for some of the work.

It does kind of baffle me sometimes that our son has this entire life at school that I’m not a part of and that I know very little about.

I don’t really know if he likes the teachers or if he just says he does. What parts of school does he get excited about and that enhance his learning? I can guess because I know what he enjoys doing and I know the areas that he struggles with.

How does he function just in the day-to-day life of school? Is it hard for him transitioning to things? Does he have favorite people, teachers he likes to hang around with?

It’s funny at the end of the last school year they had a zoom call where all the students from some of the classes that he takes and they were showing pictures of activities that the kids had participated in at school. I was surprised to see him playing ping pong. Huh? We have this at home and he never showed any interest at all.

I always just wonder……………………….. and I’m not part of that in his life.

Not that this is good or bad. If anything it’s probably good. I guess it’s coming to the realization that when they are young, you know everything that they are doing, but as they get bigger, you take a step back and let them be independent and yet with that comes wonder and questions as well as gratitude for the things past and the things that are to come.

I’m especially grateful for our son’s school and the way which he is accepted and appreciated for the skills that he has and for the skills that he is learning.

I hope everyone wherever you live and whatever type of school model you are currently following is having some success and hopefully not too much drama!

Until next time…….. be well!


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