School stuff

laptop on desk near lush houseplant

School in the time of covid. What can I say? In my opinion, at least in our house, it’s going pretty well. Better than I initially expected. These are the things that I enjoy about our new schedule:

  • We can get up later some days.
  • The kids have some down moments which allows them to regroup and take breaks so that they can focus on stuff when they are actually doing the schoolwork.
  • Lunch is relaxed
  • Since the kids are only doing two subjects at a time, they don’t get overwhelmed with so many deadlines in so many courses.
  • They are learning so much about technology and how to participate in zoom sessions.
  • It allows me to participate and see the learning process and what we need to work on.
  • Independence has increased (for our son) because I can’t be there all the time.

Things I dislike right now:

  • The schedule is loose so with two kids at two different school and they are not in sync so some days I’m dropping off and picking up at school while other days I am picking up from the bus stop, all the while trying to make sure that everyone is doing their work at the right times.
  • At times I feel like I just come in the door and then I am headed back out in matter of minutes. Sometimes our dog doesn’t know what’s happening.
  • Distractions at home can be bothersome from the phone ringing to the dog barking.

You are never really free of your environment so you never get to “leave the class” if you will.

I choose to embrace this time with my children and I enjoy partipating in this part of their lives.

How are you coping with school?


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