a woman looking at the camera while holding the eyepiece of the microscope

From time to time I speak about biomedical treatments and the progress we are making with them.

First of all I have had to re-evaluate progress in a different way. Before I used to look at progress as being skills that were gained and new things my child was doing, but now I also have to look at it as things my child is not doing, which may be beneficial as well.

What I mean by this is that our son in particular has lots of annoying habits and just things he would do in general.

The other day we were at our functional medicine doctor and he commented to me that he couldn’t believe how calm and settled our son was in the office. I looked over at him and said “yeah, he is isn’t he?” We have added the SCD diet since July and things in his body are working a little better which I think is contributing to a new focus and calmness.

We were discussing heavy metals again about doing another challenge test to see what metals are still in his body as I feel that there are still some there.. He had previously shown almost toxic lead levels which took two years of chelation to get rid of. Chelation is a method of drawing the metals out of your tissues and helping you excrete them through urine, sweat and bowels to put it in simple terms.

Some people don’t believe in this method and that’s fine, I’m not here to convince you either way. I am just sharing our experience with this process.

The chelation we previously were successful with was with a compounding drug called DMSA. The first and best way to remove metals from the body is to do it through IV treatment as this is the most aggressive way and if your child is older, which is the case of us, you need to be more aggressive as these metals have probably been embedded in the tissues for many years.

Knowing our son as well as I do, I feel that there are still metals in his body. He exhibits certain behaviours that makes me think this is definitely a possibility. So the doctor asked me if our son would sit for 15 minutes with an IV to do a challenge test. Three years ago, this would not have even been remotely possibly but I replied that I thought he would now. See this is progress! Stay tuned for an update on this!

Also, he went to get his first filling this week without going under anesthesia. I thought he was ready and since the filling was very small they said that they could do it without freezing. I am happy to say that he did amazing! We watched a YouTube video the day before on what was to happen and I instructed them to just let them know what they were doing as they did it so that he would feel more comfortable.

He didn’t like some of the things that happened, and he did ask to leave in the middle, but then he let them finish – progress!!!

When you think of progress for your child, what comes to mind?


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