photo of christmas balls

So, it is the season! It’s definitely a different year for all of us this year. Our world is a different place and the focus for all of us is our health.

Even though things are quieter, in our house that’s not a bad thing. We are all pretty much home bodies so actually being at home is enjoyable for us. Also, we have had more time to focus on decorating, wrapping gifts and baking which sometimes can feel so rushed. This year I don’t feel the pressure that I normally do.

This year we are missing a couple of family members who have passed away since last Christmas and we will all really miss both of them this year.

This is the first year that we have put our tree up before December! The kids did the entire thing together. It was so nice to watch them working together.

We are looking forward to the school break and spending some quality time together as a family just hanging out together. Hopefully we will watch some movies, play some games and bake some yummy food!

What are your plans for the holidays? Above all, stay safe!

1 thought on “Christmas”

  1. Christmas Day having turkey in our Jammie’s. Just Joe and I. A very different and relaxing day. And MORE Hallmark movies.


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