happy purebred dog with opened mouth

So the other day I was just thinking about communicating as this is something that we struggle with in our house.

I was walking our dog and there was another lady walking her dog on the adjacent sidewalk. She was speaking a different language to dog, but ultimately our dogs wanted the same thing. They wanted to smell each other.

I was thinking just amazing it is that dogs know what their owners say no matter what language it’s spoken in and they don’t have to guess what you want because the tone of our voice and the non verbal cues are quite clear.

I know this isn’t a revelation by any means but it just made me take a step back and realize that it’s not always what I say. Sometimes it’s my tone and my non verbal cues that can either be inviting or terrible.

Especially for our son, I sometimes have to stop and be more understanding of what exactly he is communicating so that I can help him develop these skills more. When you really stope to think about our non verbal cues on a daily basis there are so many.

Considering both of our children are on the spectrum, I have to be really aware of what I am communicating to them beyond my words. I know that it’s hard for both of them at times as communication is something that both of them struggle with in different ways.

I hope to improve my awareness on this and hopefully it will help the relationship I have with my children as I want them to be able to understand the world better.


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