Staying sane during covid

mother and son drawing

No matter who you are or where you live, you are most certainly discovering ways to navigate and stay sane during this covid time.

I know that none of us has ever experienced anything quite like this in our lives and we probably won’t again during our lifetime.

So how do you get through the day? What do you do to stay sane during this time?

Although all in all we have adjusted well and are managing, there are still difficult times and the isolation can be overwhelming. In our house, we do different things.

For my son and I, we are totally outdoors, physical people. So the two of us will take our dog out as much as we can when the weather permits. Sometimes we will go down to the lake and enjoy a nice long peaceful walk which both of us enjoy quite a bit. We also like to go sledding in the winter and be outside riding bikes or playing games when the weather is nicer.

For our daughter, she likes to do any kind of art when she has time and she also likes to play video games. She most often prefers to be indoors rather than outdoors. We also enjoy playing board games together.

I find that for me (and I am sure that most Mom’s will relate) is that there has been an increase in my day-to-day work because there is a lot more home time now. So more food to make, more cleaning to do and it also seems like there is more laundry, although I’m not sure that that makes sense?

For me, I try to find little nooks of time during the day when I can have a cup of tea or just sit quietly. I tend to work out every day for my health so this also really helps my state of mind and keeps me grounded. I also stopped watching so much news as this can be stressful!

Our family is doing the best that we can and some days are better than others.

We all like to do some things together as well we all have our own coping strategies and things we do to just forget sometimes about what is going on in the world. Since covid started we have been spending more time together as a family so that is always a positive in my book.

What are you doing to stay sane?


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