One Day at a Time

stylish office supplies arranged on table

So, one day at a time, what does that mean to you? For me, it is a reminder to slow down and take each thing as it comes. Sometimes, it involves taking one thing at a time in each day.

In our house, the days are full, the noise can be loud and there is always something to do or to be done.

For me, its navigating and managing all the craziness of our household.

I relish in the short quiet moments of the day to have a snack, maybe drink a tea and just sometimes sit for five minutes in total silence. This is heavenly!

Our days although they are planned with things and schedules to keep, can be also unpredictable at other times. With lots of on-line school happening and all the cooking and general household duties, there is very few moments that are not filled. Sounds crazy right?

Maybe your house looks different or you can relate to some of these things. Unfortunately, there is no convenient time for autism, isn’t that right? It can change your day in a heartbeat for the worse but also for the better.

The worse in our house could be a slamming of doors, screaming, frustration or just non-compliance, but the good stuff like the laughter, the togetherness is amazing!

So we all only have today to deal with. Try to take each moment as it comes and always be grateful that you have them.

Til nextime……….


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