Simple things

fur fabric made from animal skin

Have you ever just stopped, even once, in your day to look around at what is simple in your life? It could be a moment of just looking out the window and appreciating nature. It could be a cuddle with your favorite furry friend or even just a moment when you take a deep breath and just appreciate the fact that you are alive.

I must admit that I find this sometimes difficult in our house in the course of a day because things get busy very quickly and there is always something to get done. We have a lot going on with both of our children being on totally different school schedules and with my husband in and out of the house a different times. Each day is different in the activities going on but each day has so many busy moments.

I am really trying to make an effort, especially with each of my kids to enjoy the simple moments with them that the day has to offer. For our son, we usually like to walk our dog together at least once a day and we appreciate nature as we walk along.

With our daughter, it could be a simple conversation or playing a game, but just trying to connect with each of them for a short time has become so very important.

Covid has allowed us more opportunities as a family to be able to connect better on some level each and every day. I think its so important to take advantage of the brief and simple moments that are presented and not waste them.

What simple things do you do in your day?


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