Gardening – growing things!

potted plant with green leaves on blue surface

So its the time of year when you think about growing and gardening. I must admit, I lack many skills in this area. My daughter is really fantastic at this, she has lots of plants, has done a lot of research and has many books on plants. She is my go-to resource for sure as I am learning.

My son and I joined an on-line garden club about a month ago. This has been great to share information and to start growing our own things. Last year we started our own herb garden and my husband built us a big herb planter for the backyard where we grew the ones we liked and then used them as needed.

This year however, we are delving into other areas. We have started with garlic, green onions (which I found out this morning that we did wrong) and celery. We are going to grow our own radishes, lettuce and tomatoes hopefully.

This is a great activity for us to do together and to learn about growing vegetables. I didn’t know that there were certain stages that you needed to follow especially before you plant them. We are planning on getting some big pots and starting our vegetables in these. For the herbs, I am just going to stick to buying the small plants and then planting them in our planter.

How wonderful this is for our mental health and our sense of togetherness. Learning something new together is very exciting and it is also great to be connected with an on-line group where we can view everyone’s progress from week to week and talk about what works and what doesn’t work.

If you are looking for a new activity to try, I highly recommend this one!


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