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I love learning! It doesn’t matter what it is. I feel that when I learn something new, that I grow as well.

For the past few months I have been doing a training program called RDI. This is short for Relational Development Intervention. It’s one of those things that I researched for awhile and kept coming back to. I’ve done many different therapies over the years, primarily for our son and I felt that he was ready for this one considering his development.

In the past we had focused on ABA therapy, which is short for applied behaviour analysis. This is widely known, especially in Canada as being the “accepted” therapy of choice for children on the autism spectrum.

I won’t get into a debate over the pros and cons over this type of therapy, but I can just say that there are both. We found many parts of this therapy to be very helpful with the development and growth of our son.

But something was missing…… whenever I say this, my husband asks how much it’s going to cost. He knows me. He knows when I believe in something I won’t let it go. So I had to try to convince him that we go ahead with this. He does not have time to be involved but I decided to do it anyway.

I am still at the beginning stages of this new endeavor, but I like what I have been doing so far.

I am still new, so it’s hard to explain in detail what I am doing, but it’s working on dynamic intelligence, rather than static intelligence as most other therapies do. Building up your child’s dynamic intelligence, especially for kids with autism who don’t always understand things the way others do, is a great way for them to be able to problem-solve and handle change which is part of life.

I am intrigued and fascinated by this as I know this is an area that our son especially is in need of. Right now we are working on perspectives, experimenting and exploring, experience sharing and co-regulation to name a few.

For this process, you work with a consultant and then you get particular assignments to work on these skills. It’s parent driven which I like and you can incorporate it into your daily activities so you don’t need to always do “extra” things.

You have to set up activities and video tape them to give to your consultant for review. Although I don’t like watching myself in particular on video, I am able to see how I handle situations and what I say and do which is great for being able to try again and make modifications the next time.

Will be keeping you posted on this one……..


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