set of monthly calendars with weekly dates

This is something that I really feel I need to talk about as it consumes a large part of my life – appointments!

I know if you have children, a dog, a spouse, you have lots of appointments on your calendar. It has gotten so bad in our house that I had to make sure that both of our children have their own calendars as well so that their appointments can be recorded on their calendar.

In our house, I have one main family calendar that I try to make sure I put all of the appointments on for everyone. If it doesn’t make it to this calendar, it just doesn’t exist. Then each child has their own wipe board calendar on the fridge that we change over each month that contains things that are just for that child. It’s great to record specific school things as well especially since both of their school schedules do not match so they need to keep track of what days they actually go into school.

In the last year, our appointments have gotten out of control. I think that it’s mostly our kids that have the added appointments more so than my husband and I. Our son has his regular doctor appointments that can vary depending on what we are dealing with for him at the time.

Our daughter for certain has more appointments than all of us combined. She has weekly in-person doctor’s visits. She has a weekly group therapy session that runs from October – May. She has weekly therapy appointments. She has weekly psychiatry appointments. And there a couple of more that I am sure I am missing. We also have weekly family therapy appointments.

She’s also going to have more dental appointments as she is getting braces soon. Honestly sometimes she gets off the phone with someone from an appointment and when I ask who it is, I can’t even remember the function of this person.

When you ask, how do we handle all of these? I don’t really know! I do know that I feel overwhelmed from all of the appointments every week and I just have to take a deep breath and keep on going.

Do you face the same dilemma?


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