Autism Awareness Month

flat lay photography of calendar

Since April is Autism Awareness month, I thought I would share with you my perspective on things that I have learned about autism.

First and foremost — your child is your child. Autism is just a description of why your child may behave a certain way.

Autism affects families — the entire family. There are adjustments and changes that need to be made all the time.

Autism has taught me many lessons that I may not have otherwise learned and I’m so grateful for.

Autism is not easy. There are difficult moments that happen but it’s how you choose to handle these that gets you to the next level.

Autism is not just psychological as most people would have you believe – it is medical and treatable. What that looks like is different for each individual.

Don’t blame everything on autism. Your child may be doing something that is totally age appropriate. Everything is not related to their autism.

Autism teaches you patience and empathy for others. This is a good one for me!

Autism can bring you closer together, but can also take you father away.

Autism parents have a fierce kind of love for their child. They are protectors and advocates and will go to the ends of the earth to make sure their child not only gets what they need but what they deserve.

People who are involved with your child on a daily basis have a lot of influence over your child. Make them allies in getting your child to the next level. Support and share information with each other.

I don’t want to say that I’m grateful for autism, but I do want to say I’ve learned so much and autism has made me a better person with a passion inside of me that I never knew existed.

These are my feelings as we embrace Autism Awareness month. What are yours?


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