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For the teachers who are currently in my life, I am truly grateful. For the teachers who have been in my life, I am truly grateful. For the teachers who I have yet to meet, I will be truly grateful.

I am grateful to the teachers who take the time to get to know my children. I am grateful for their insight and compassion. I am grateful for what they bring to my children’s lives and how the impact they make will shape the people they will be in the future. I am grateful for teachers who listen even if they cannot totally comprehend my situation but are willing to open their minds to my children—their struggles, their challenges, what makes them happy. I am grateful for honesty as this helps me see the challenges they face in the school system that is sometimes broken. I am grateful for the teachers that genuinely care what happens to my children and are dedicated to the development of my children.

I have learned over the years that teachers are just people. You can talk to them and they will listen. Most will do their best to try to help. Some have more of an impact  than others.

I will always be forever grateful to those who go above and beyond and have made a difference in my children’s lives. There have been many over the years.

So thank you to all the teachers I know, especially, the ones right now. They may not realize the many little things they do on a daily basis to make my children’s day happy, successful and confidence-building. When you see you child learning you realize that everything is possible even when your child faces challenges.



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