On-line classes

person writing on notebook

So we have done school at home and now we are into summer on-line classes. To be honest, I didn’t know how much we would get out of these classes, even the ones that were supposed to be fun and engaging.

It’s hard to think about connecting with people you have never met to do an activity.

Our son is involved in some pretty cool classes. This week, he is doing a minecraft coding class for beginners. It is really interesting and we have both learned a great deal since I didn’t know anything about this either.

He also does a science class once a week, where they get to do different types of experiments together. This is really cool as well. He also does an art class, where each class they learn about a different technique and they get to practice it together.

It’s a lot of fun some of these classes, especially learning new skills and getting to connect with others in this new crazy way.

I am grateful for the places that provide these classes to try to keep kids engaged in some learning and making it fun in the process. The only thing is when you are doing a messy experiment and trying not to get the stuff all over your laptop!

Our son is also doing an on-line peers program that is provided through the school board where they work on certain skills and are able to practice them as well. This is a good class for the most part but I also find in situations like this when you have to connect with peers and you have never met them before that this is more difficult to manage because you don’t have a relationship with them.

I am grateful to keep some learning going during these times we are facing but also doing fun things as well.

Are your kids doing any on-line classes and if so, how is that working for you?


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