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I sometimes delve into this topic even though I know it’s very controversial. Hopefully when I explain it you will be able to understand it better, even if you don’t agree with my opinions.

Heavy Metals is a hot topic for those on the autism spectrum. Many people face this challenge and it is so hard to overcome, if you ever do overcome it.

I’m not here to debate vaccines versus no vaccines because I know what a sensitive topic this can be, but in my humble opinion, if our son had not been vaccinated, I know I would not be facing these issues with him.

His immune system overload could not handle the vaccinations that he was given. Not that they are bad, but his body was already compromised so they were bad for him, if that makes sense.

We previously did some DMSA chelation in the form of pills more than 2 years ago as he was very high in lead, mercury and a few other metals were concerning. The pills did a good job of ridding his body of these unwanted metals and was able to help contribute to his healing. The problem is that these metals are buried in his bones and tissues and even though we did this treatment, we obviously didn’t get them all out.

We decided to try a more aggressive and controversial treatment (no judgement please) that people are very hesitant to talk about, but we felt it was the right time as his body had made strides in healing in so many other ways.

This treatment is done via IV and you basically have to sit for about 20 mins (which would not have been possible for him even 2 years ago so this was off the table) while the chelating agent (drug) goes into you system. Simplified, this means that it is trying to aggressively move the metals out of your body via sweat, urine etc.

He is now in the middle of these treatments and I am so proud of him. He goes and sits there, has his treatment and then he even will go to school. He is so brave and strong and has to deal with so much. But I know that these treatments are helping. In fact, I can smell the metals coming out of his system, which is kind of exciting.

This is not the type of treatment you would do without a certified professional and it is definitely not the first course of treatment you would do at the beginning of a physical healing journey.

This treatment is not without risk but for us, the risk is worth it. Our son experiences a lot of tiredness and definite mood withdrawals and other irritation at certain points in the treatment but this is something that we just have to live with for the moment.

I am so grateful for our doctor and I am also grateful to my husband for working so hard so that we can pay for all of these treatments and medications that he needs to get to bring him to optimal health.

Our biomed journey continues…….stay tuned!


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