green plant leaf with drops in nature

Peace is something so very meaningful to me. Since autism can be so time-consuming and overwhelming, I like to find peace whenever and where ever possible.

I’ve been trying to create more peace for myself personally, very intentionally over the last couple of years. It is very important for my own mind to be able to find peaceful moments during a day where I can just reflect and breathe.

I love looking at nature. Whether its just looking out my window or weather it is being outside and just noticing things around me, I just take advantage of every opportunity that I can to enjoy it on a daily basis. I find nature brings me peace and makes me feel calm. I also notice this about both our children. When they are in nature, they seem happier.

Peace is something that is interpreted differently for everyone. For me, I am most at peace when I am just sitting and not doing anything. I enjoy looking at pictures. I also feel very peaceful when I am just able to hear my breaths.

I also feel very peaceful when my kids just get something. When they learn to figure out a situation or they just do something for themselves that makes sense. I love noticing these moments and I never take them for granted.

Animals also bring me a lot of peace. I love just holding our dog and petting him, he makes me feel calm in these moments. I also love watching horses in a field.

I will continue to strive working on bringing peace into my life every day.

What do you do to be more peaceful?


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